Well I remember when I was a lad 
Times were  bad 
But there's a silver linin'... behind every  cloud 
Just poor  people that's all we were 
Tryin' to make a  dirt 
But we'd get together in a  loud ...   
		Daddy sang bass, mama sang tenor 
		 in there 
		Singin'... seems to help a troubled  soul 
		One of these  days it won't be long 
		We'll all  song 
		We'll all get together up  throne ... 
		No, the circle ... won't be broken 
		 bye ...  
		Daddy'll sing bass, mama'll sing tenor 
		 in there 
		In the sky Lord ...  
 Now I remember after work 
mama would  us 
You could hear us singin' ... for a country  mile 
Now little  brother he has gone on 
and I'm gonna  long 
We'll all get together up  throne ... 
In the sky, Lord,  sky 
Said In the sky Lord ...