Capo II Intro NC I don't dance the Cucaracha I don't play the Moochachas I've never been to Mexico I've never had the chance to go Never met Speedy Gonzales I don't eat enchiladas I don't drink margaritas NC But I love the senoritas NC I've seen 'em on the TV shows Hair of brown and the way it flows when they let it down Cherry lips that you just wanna kiss It drives me wild when they look like this Repeat Chorus Solo Chords: NC I love the way they dance all night Sway their hip's wrap me round their finger tips Tight red dress really knocks me out You know boy's what I'm talking about Repeat Chorus X 2 NC I love the senoritas NC I love the senoritas Then over Outro Chords Adam adlibs with: Yes I do, I surely do, Oh Cisco, Oh Pancho, Oh Bandido Gringo Got some Pesos, For your Sombraros, Oh Perfavore Senorita, Come to the Hosienda For Siesta .....something like that :)

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