Household Name

Ben lee

Michael J. Fox was a household name In 1985 And what about young Mallory And all of the Family Ties? I hear they all robbed liquor stores And are in jail now for life Kirk Cameron had Growing Pains Sex symbol of the year Problem solved so squeaky clean In half an hour clear I hear he's been washing dishes For the last couple of years Laughter tracks and '80s stars Predictable jokes I don't have to tell you what happened To the kids from Diff'rent Strokes Punky Brewster's 15 minutes Lasted for years before it got old You're never quite so cute And I should know Once puberty takes it's toll And no one knows their whereabouts What they do or what they did Chew 'em up and spit 'em out Like all of the Cosby kids It's the toughest game and the hardest time It's the longest walk on the thinnest line Its sad and true that they love then kill Where do they go when they die? To the big '80s sitcom in the sky Michael J Fox was a household name In 1985

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