Intro: Tho' we're aparrrt You're in my hearrrt/ And even when I'm bluuue I'll always think of/you And sooo I'll givvve/ Yesss I'll/give, My love for/ev/errr So if you feeeel My love's not reeeal/ I'll promise youuu I'll always be/true And I'll givvve, to youuu/ I'll give to/youuu My love for/ev/errr Tho' love has many, many/hii/ighs/ No bother, everrry little/worrrds And when we say that we'll end up/talk/in' You're stillll, the only/onnne So remember what I sayyy Trust in me while I'm awayyy/ I'll neverrr be untruuue As long as I have/youuu And I'll givvve to youuu/ I'll give to /youuu My love for/ev/errr My love for/ev/errr Outro: