Transcribed by: Brian Germer This is in standard tuning with a 12-String and an electric. I saw them live in Portland, so this is pretty accurate. 12-String intro: --------0--0--0-x----0----0----||-----0---0--0-0-0----0--0--0-||-----0-------- --6-----6--6--6-x----3----3----||-----1---1--1-1/3----3--3--3-||-----5-------- --5-----5--5--5-x----0----0----||-----2---2--2-2/4----4--4--4-||-----4-------- --0-----0--0--0-x----5----5----||-----3---3--3-3/5----5--5--5-||-----0-------- -------------------------------||-----------------------------||-------------- -------------------------------||-----------------------------||-----4-------- Play three times then... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------7b8r7----------------------------------------------------------- ----6--7--9-----------9--7--6-7-6v-----6--7--9-------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------9--7--9b10r9-7--5-5/7--------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------4v---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Solo: v= vibrato b= bend r= return h= hammer-on p= pull-off ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------8b10r8---------------------------------------------------------- ----6--7--9-----------9--7--6h7--------5h7---7b9r7-5---7b9r7-5---------------- ----------------------------------5h7-----------------------------7p5--7------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (w/intro) You name me Who am I That I should company with something so divine? Mercy waits, Overjoyed Prospect of finding, freeing Freeing me Chorus: ( Love is the thing this time I'm sure And I couldn't need you more now The way that you saw things were so pure (see in tab) Overjoyed (Same as first verse) You name me Entertain Thoughts of peace can overcome anything Mirror spins Wicked tales Here lies reflections of Deceptions of {Chorus} Missing the me from you you gave to me I don't like the one I have created today Crossing nameless from the one I've earned To be the one, the one you gave to me Solo (over Chorus) (w/12- String intro) You name me Name Me Finding, freeing me {Chorus x 2} Overjoyed, Overjoyed Words by Dan Haseltine Music by Matt Odmark, Charlie Lowell, Steve Mason, Mark Hudson, Greg Wells Copyright 1997 BridgeBuilding Music (BMI)/Pogostick Music (BMI)/Irving Music (BMI)/ Greg Wells Music (BMI)/ Beef Puppet Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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