Capo on the 4th Fret Standard Tuning Intro: verse 1 All the bitter weary ways endless striving day by day you barely have the strength to pray in the valley low how hard your fight has been how deep the pain within wounds that no one else has seen hurts too much to show all the doubt you're standing in between And all the weight that brings you to your knees Chorus HE KNOWS, HE KNOWS EVERY HURT AND EVERY STING HE HAS WALKED THE SUFFERING HE KNOWS, HE KNOWS LET YOUR BURDENS COME UNDONE LIFT YOUR EYES UP TO THE ONE WHO KNOWS HE KNOWS verse 2 we may faint and we may sink feel the pain and near the brink but the dark begins to shrink when you find the one who knows the chains of doubt that held you in between one by one are starting to break free Chorus Bridge every time that you feel forsaken every time that you feel alone He is near to the broken hearted every tear Chorus

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