Healing Hand Of God

Jeremy Camp

Intro x2 Verse 1 I have seen the many faces, of fear and of pain. I have watched the tears fall plenty, From heart ache and strain. So if life's journey, Has you weary and afraid. There's rest in the shadow of his wings. I have walked through the valleys, The mountains and plains. I have held the hand of freedom, That washes all my stains. If you feel the weight of many trials, And burdens from this world. There's freedom in the shelter of the Lord. I have seen, The healing hand of God, Reaching out and mending broken hearts. Taste and see the fullness of His peace, And hold on to what's being held out. (x2) The healing hand of God. Verse 2 I have touched the scars upon His hands, To see if they were real. He has walked the road before me, He knows just how I feel. When you feel that there’s not anyone, Who understands your pain, Just remember all of Jesus' suffering. (Chorus) Cast all your cares on Him, For He cares for you. He's near to the broken and confused. By His stripes, Our spirit is renewed. So enter in the joy prepared for you. The healing hand of God (x2) And hold on to what's being held out (x2) The healing hand of God Oh Oh Oh Oh

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