Lay Down My Pride

Jeremy Camp

Every single word I say You know it before I speak You know every thought The deepest part of me You draw me close and then I see Your presence is every thing I need to be The child that you've created me to be I'm ready now to see it your way I lay down my pride My desires my demise I'm ready now to see it your way I'm done I'm thru ignoring you now it's true I'm kneeling at the cross of your grace Lay down my pride I was faced with passing time But I knew the choice was mine To finally come to you And give you all control I've wandered miles to find my way And then you revealed this simple faith I know that you can see the secrets of my soul Repeat Chorus (twice) The cross the blood you shed for me Your back was ripped and bruised So I can know your love I kneel I bow to you my king Repeat Chorus (twice) Outro: keep repeating til the end

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