Intro-Chords: { } x2 Intro Tab: With E|----------------------------------------8=========--| B|------3--3-5------------------3--3-5----8--6--5===--| G|--4/5-------4---3-4-2-----4/5-------4------------5--| D|----------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------| / - Slide = - hold Verse 1: Grippin on so tight WIth the security I have inside Knowing what is right Holding on to my pride Letting Go Of the things I hold so dear Letting go All my pain and all my fears Letting go Of the things I hold so dear Letting go Intro All my pain and all my fears Verse 2: I have been brought to a place Where I want to give up everything Where all I can do is seek your face ) In my brokenness I will plea (Chorus) Bridge: Holding on, to the things I've deemed so strong Holding on, even though my faith has been built so long Holding on, to the things I've deemed so strong Holding on to what I know I'm letting go (Solo) Tab: E|-------------------------------------------------------3-----| B|-------3-5--3---3-----------------3-5--3---3---6-5-3-5---3---| G|---4-5--------5---4--5--2-----4-5--------5-------------------| D|--5--------------------------5-------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| (Chorus)

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