"Restored" E|-10----10-----10-----7-------3-----5-------7-------2-| B|-10----10-----10-----7-------5-----7-------8-------3-| G|-0-----0------0------0-------5-----7-------9-------4-| D|-9-----0------0------x-------x-----x-------x-------x-| A|-10----x------x------7-------3-----5-------7-------2-| E|-0-----10-----7------0-------x-----x-------x-------x-| E|-3------5-| B|-5------7-| G|-5------7-| D|-x------x-| A|-3------5-| E|-x------x-| Verse1 All this time I've wandered around Searching for the things I'll never know I've been searching for this answer that Only will be found in Your love And I feel it my heart is being mended by Your touch And I hear it Your voice that's shown my purpose in this world You have restored me from my feeble and broken soul You have restored me (2x) I've only come to realize My strength will be made perfect at Your throne Laying all reflections down To see the precious beauty that You've shown Laying all these questions down You've answered what I need You've given more than I deserve You're making me complete You've given all these open doors I'm humbled at Your feet Because of what You've done for me Acho que é mais ou menos isso ai sinta-se livra p corrigir se preciso, :) valew fica na Paz!

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