---- Sometimes ---- Music & Lyrics by John Butler From the album "Sunrise Over Sea" By The John Butler Trio Main Riff: E|------11p10------------------|------------------------- C|------------12p10---------14-|------------------------- G|------------------12--12-----|------------------------- C|-----------------------------|-5-------5--------------- G|-0---------------------------|-5-----5---5--------0---- C|-0----------------10---------|-5---5-------5--0h3p0---- ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ {this bit varies} Variation on main riff: E|-------------------|------------------------- C|-------------------|------------------------- G|-------------------|------------------------- C|-0------3-5b7-3----|-5--------5-------------- G|-0--3h5---------5p3|-5------5---5-------0---- C|-0-----------------|-5----5-------5-0h3p0---- As i have said, some bits vary and i havent quite had time yet to sit down and figure them all out. Improvising should work just fine though, John would have been when he recorded the song. "It doesnt got to be this way" bit: E|--------------------|---------------------------------- C|--------------------|---------------------------------- G|-8------------------|-5---------------------------------- C|-8------------------|-5---------------------------------- G|-x------------------|-5---------------------------------- C|-8------------------|-5---------------------------------- ^ not sure about this it sounds ok on my 12 string but kinda crappy on my 6. "I be up sometimes, down sometimes" bit: E|------------------------ C|------------------------ G|------------------------ C|-0-0---3-3---10-10--5-5- G|-0-0---3-3---10-10--5-5- C|-0-0---3-3---10-10--5-5- solo: havent quite got to it. I have most parts worked out but tabbing it it pure hell. Just improvising should sound fine. My e-mail: (comments welcome) [email protected] Hamish Cruickshank #END OF FILE# ---------------------------------- [email protected] http://sor.tas.edu.au/

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