Music & Lyrics by John Butler Unrealeased Tabbed by - Mat Thompson - [email protected] now guys i dont no whetaher this is the album version , but i got this song on a mp3 , and its just john no other instruments its sorta a sad song althrough john plays it with normal tuneing i tabbed it with the guitar tuned to (c) becuase i was bother to tune my guitar back to normal ,so i just tabbed it in (c) this of coarse is on a 12string dont try to get this notes exact just hear the low 3rd fret and the high 6th a play it as u see fit e-------------------------------------------------) c---6-6-6-----------------------------------------) g---6-6-6-----------------------------------------) c---6---------------------------------------------) g-3--3--3-----------------------------------------) c-3-----------------------------------------------) in other words u just play around with this cord structure e---------6-----------------------------------) c---------6-----------------------------------) g---------6-----------------------------------) c---------6-----------------------------------) g-3--and--------------------------------------) c-3-------------------------------------------) just play around with this , singaling out notes on the 6th fret, he just does that for most of the sad bit of the song (now dont let them bring u downnnn) e----------------------------------------------) c-6-------------------6------------------------) g-6-------------------6------------------------) c-6--a few times------6------------------------) g-3---------------6-6-6------------------------) c-3---------------6-6-6------------------------) those are the cords to use , but use the song to get the feel of it Got any Tabs? Send them to [email protected]

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