This is the same key as Kasey plays it. It's my first ever attempt at transcribing. Walkin down Main Street, gettin' to know the concrete Lookin for a purpose from a neon sign. I would meet you anywhere western sun meets the air I'll hit the road, never lookin' behind. Am Can you deny, there's nothin' greater nothin' more than travelin' hands of time Am St. Genevieve can hold back the water, but saints don't bother with a tear stained eye. Seein' traces of the stars that came before written in the pavement, still askin' for more when the hours don't move along, worn-out wood and familiar songs To hear your voice is not enough, is more than a shame. (chorus) Like a man said, rode hard and put away wet throw away the bad news and put it to rest If learnin is livin', and the truth is a state of mind you'll find it's better at the end of the line. (chorus)

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