Australia "Country Crowd" Lee Kernaghan Transcribed by Nathan Gordon Any comments or queries - [email protected] VERSE 1 They're coming down from the hills and from out of the back blocks There's a whole lot of headlights weaving their way down the track Heading to the showground cranking it up for the big one Well you haven't seen a party 'till you seen 'em party way out back CHORUS There ain't nothing like a country crowd A little bit crazy and a little bit loud We've got our own way of turning things upside down I get together with these friends of mine Who are not afraid to step across that line They're that hard livin' hell raisin' bonafide country crowd VERSE 2 Those boys from Tara are cuttin' loose with the ladies And 'ol stormin' Norman's having trouble holding up the bar And those Gatton girls are getting up on the tables Well I wouldn't be suprised if they took the whole thing too far REPEAT CHORUS _______________________________THE END_____________________________

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