Well Sally told Debbie, Debbie told me they caught Suzie down by the creek splashin around with Jones boy stretch seems they were in way over there heads. Skinny dippin, from head to toe Skinny dippin, what a way to go I know a little water hole down by the creek Come on skinny dippin with me. Well I went dippin, with Suzie last night when down through the trees came my boss and his wife held our breath 'till we were both turning blue when we came up they were doing it too! Chorus:...Skinny dippin... (instrumental ) Fat or skinny, short or tall the shape your in don't matter at all if your feelin unshure about where to begin just slip off ya gear, and jump right in! Chorus...x2 alt(come on baby do it with me) (Instrumental ) Worked out by Jas for private use only! www.geocities.com/gondwanna_country

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