The Rope That Pulls The Wind

Lee Kernaghan

Transcribed by Nathan Gordon Any comments or queries - [email protected] VERSE 1 Maybe I was born to be a rambling man Maybe I was born to lose at love To walk alone and never find The one that I was dreaming of The rope that pulls the wind is tangled round my heart Seems my emotions are falling apart Anyway the wind blows that's where I'll be The rope that pulls the wind's got a hold on me VERSE 2 Maybe a was born to be a rolling stone Seems I'm always movin' on Before sunrise I'll pack my swag By first light I'll be gone REPEAT CHORUS VERSE 3 When I feel my sorrow catchin' up to me When those old memories track me down It won't take long and I'll hear the call Of the highway leading out of town REPEAT CHORUS

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