Feel so washed up today Haven't really got much to say Blood on the pillow on my bed Explains the pain that's in my head Sometimes I don't know which way to go Sometimes I can't tell, but it's just as well 'Cos I'm walking on a high wire High wire Oh won't someone let me in I'm stinking and I'm full of gin No need to close the door so fast I'm very frgile not built to last REFRÃO Have to pull it together We're in for some stormy weather Have to pull it together We're in for some nasty weather / / / / / / / / High wire / / / / high wire / / / / high wire / / / / high wire though the ring of fire Em/A D Em/A D Em/A A A4/ / / / It really isn't too much fun Sitting round waiting for the night to come It's almost time to put on my suit of cool I may be an idiot but indeed I am no fool REFRÃO

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