Intro: Riff: E|---6--6---8h10-8--6-5-6--| B|-------------------------| G|-------------------------| (3x) D|-------------------------| A|-------------------------| E|-------------------------| E|---6--6---8h10-8--6-5-6--|--6--8--6--5--6--| B|-------------------------|-----------------| G|-------------------------|-----------------| D|-------------------------|-----------------| A|-------------------------|-----------------| E|-------------------------|-----------------| Carpet stained with my red wine I've been staring at the fire I keep looking at the time I'm waiting on you I can hear the howling wind Yes the sound is getting higher As the night is closing in I'm waiting on you Those big black eyes wicked smile That you flash as you walk through my door Into my life (3x) Won't you come in and sit right down Here let me pour a Stolichnaya Why is it when you come around I'm waiting on you We drink until we get too tired Even though you try to dance for me I still can't light up your fire So I'm waiting on you From time to time I feel so blind And there's still so much more left to do Into my life (3x) You call me on the telephone You say that I am always busy So why am I here all alone Waiting on you I pick you up in my white car I could fall ever so easily Why you keep me hanging on I'm waiting on you Still, those big black eyes wicked smile That you flash as you walk through my door Into my life (17x)

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