VERSE 1: travelling in a fried out kombie---, on a hippy trail head full of zombie. I met a strange lady, she made me nervous. she took me in and gave me breakfast, and she said 1: Do you come from a land down under--- where women glow and men plunder? cant ya hear can ya hear the thunder--- you better run, you better take cover--- VERSE 2: Buying bread from a man in Brussels, he was six foot four and full of muscles. I said do you speak my language? He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich. And he said: Chorus 2: i come from a land down under, Where beer does flow and men chunder. cant you hear cant you hear the thunder? You better run you better take cover. VERSE 3: Lying in a den in Bombay, with a slackjaw and not much to say. i said to the man "Are you trying to tempt me? Because i come from the land of plenty." and he said: Chorus 1

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