INTRO and VERSE chord sequence: CHORUS: (with E at the very end) LYRICS: in the desert in the dry before the breaking of the rain the temperature in the shade had reached a hundred and ten again in the desert in the dry on the overland telegraph line don't take the law into your own hands don't go looking for a fight nah nah nah nah, I've heard the bullroarers {intro chords} in the desert, in the dry some sit so high long day's mile and the radio crackles and the bones bleached white it's a knock-em-down storm see the tin roof shake wild dog howls and the long grass whistles and the tall trees break nah nah nah nah, I've seen the wild horses I've heard the bullroarers I've seen the wild horses {Intro chords} x4 etc... p.s. I play the chord throughout the verse, muted with my right hand. p.p.s. there's a little solo-thing in a couple of the verses... here it is: e-|---------------------------------------------------------------| B-|---------------------------------------------------------------| G-|---------------------------------------------------------------| D-|---------------------------------------------------------------| A-|--2----4-5---0----2----232---0----2----4-5---0-----------------| E-|-----------------2---------------2-----------------------------| and at the end: e-|---------------------------| B-|---------------------------| G-|--2-4-2--------------------| D-|--------4-0---0-2-0--------| A-|--------------------4-2----| E-|---------------------------| then: e-|----------------------------------------------| B-|----------------------------------------------| G-|----------------------------------------------| D-|----------------------------------------------| A-|--4--0-----4-0----2----4-5-4-0----2----232----| E-|--------2-----202-------------202-------------| etc...

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