King Of The Mountain

Midnight Oil

Verse: Walking through the high dry grass Pushing my way though slow Yellow belly black snake sleeping on a red rock waiting for the stranger to go Sugar train stops at the crossing Cane cockies cursing below Bad storm coming. Better run to the top of the mountain Mountain in the shadow of light Rain In the valley below mountain in the shadow of light Rain well you can Say you're Peter say you're Paul Don't put me up on your bedroom wall Call me King of the mountain Verse: Blacksmith fires up the bellows Cane cutters burning to load Workers of the world run to the top of the mountain Chorus: Bridge: I can't take the hands from my face There are some things we can't replace Chorus: Verse: Over liquid tarmac wastelands of cactus and heat Down cobble stone alleyways of washing sheets Up ghost prairie mountains of sunset and space Down the road a familliar face Across the wilderness Out further than the bush I will follow you I will follow you I will follow you

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