1. Older than Kosciusko, Darwin down to Alice Springs, dealers in the clearing-house, the settlements explode. 2. High up in the homelands, miners drive across the land, encounter no resistance, when the people block the road 3. Older than Kosciusko, dry white seasons years ago darkness over Charleville, the fires begin to glow 4. Older than Kosciusko, driven back to Alice Springs, endless storm sand struggle marks the spirit of the age 5. High up in the homelands, celebration 'cross the land, builds up like a cyclone, now the fires begin to rage. ~ ~ No end to the hostility, now they wanna be somewhere else. ~ ~ No stranger to brutality, now they'd like to be someone else. Call off the ultimatum, no, don't turn away ! Call off the ultimatum after yesterday ! Call off the ultimatum, no, don't turn away ! + CHORUS.....

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