Transcribed by...Pugwall & Me 1st Verse: Who'd like to change the world Who wants to shoot the curl Who gets to work for bread Who wants to get ahead Who hands out equal rights Who starts and ends that fight And not not rant and rave Or end up a slave Who can make hard won gains Fall like the summer rain Now every man must be What his life can be So don't call, me, the tune, I will walk away Break: not sure about this but the following notes seem to go okay D|-----------------| A|-----------------| E|-3-3-7-3-8-7-5-7-| 2nd Verse: (Repeat chords from 1st verse) Who want's to please everyone, who says it all can be done Still sit up on that fence, no-one I've heard of yet Don't call me baby, don't talk in maybes Don't talk like has-beens, sing it like it should be Who laughs at the nagging doubt, lying on a neon shroud Just gotta touch someone, I want to be So don't call, me, the tune, I will walk away Don't call, me, the tune, I will walk away Don't call, me, the tune, I will walk away Break: Bridge: (Repeat these chords to end) One country one, country one country Who wants to sit around, turn it up turn it down Only a man can be, what his life can be One vision, one people, one landmass, we are defenceless, we have a lifeline One ocean, one policy, seabed lies, one passion, one movement, one instant One difference, one lifetime, one understanding Transgression, redemption, one island, our placemat One firmament, one element, one moment, one fusion, yes and one time

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