Transcrited by Eduardo J. de Medeiros Intro: Play Riff 1 e|------------------|--------------| |--0--| B|---------2--3--2--|--------------| |--0--| G|-----4------------|--4----2-2----| 3X with |--4--| in the D|--4---------------|--------------| |--4--| end A|------------------|--------------| |--2--| E|------------------|--------------| |-----| Repeat "riff 1" 2X (in the second time guitar two ends with ) The next follow by guitar 1 playing 1X: Do Do Do Do Do Do Do And guitar 2 playing: Do Do Do Do Do Do Do We don't serve your country Don't serve your king Know your custom don't speak your tongue White man came took everyone Riff 2 e|--0--|------------------|--------------| B|--0--|---------2--3--2--|--------------| G|--4--|-----4------------|--4----2-2----| 2X D|--4--|--4---------------|--------------| A|--2--|------------------|--------------| E|-----|------------------|--------------| We don't serve your country Don't serve your king White man listen to the songs we sing White man came took everything Riff 2 Chorus We carry in our hearts the true country And that cannot be stolen We follow in the steps of our ancestry And that cannot be broken Riff 2 Repeat the first verse Riff 2 Riff 2 We don't need protection Don't need your land Keep your promise on where we stand We will listen we'll understand Riff 2 Chorus (twice) with in the end Riff 1 Till the end guitar 1 play: And guitar 2 play: Mining companies, pastoral companies, Uranium companies, Collected companies Got more right than people, Got more say than people Forty thousand years can make a difference to the state of things The dead heart lives here Corrections, please submit me with the title "oil tab": [email protected] "From the bar to the bathroom, I?m swimming in the neon" _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Eduardo J. de Medeiros([email protected])

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