-|-0---5--7--5--7--|-0---3--5--3--5--| There's a road train going nowhere Roads are cut, lines are down We'll be staying at the Roma bar Till that monsoon passes on The backbone of this country's broken The land is cracked and the land is sore Farmers are hanging on by their fingertips We cursed and stumbled across that shore I hear much support for the monarchy I hear the Union Jack's to remain, I see Namatjira in custody I see Truganini's in chains E-|-0---5--7--5--7--|-0---3--5--3--5--| And the world won't stand still Blue collar work it don't get you nowhere You just go round and round in debt Somebody's got you on that treadmill, mate And I hope you're not beaten yet I hear much support for the monarchy I see the Union Jack in flames, let it burn I see Namatjira with dignity I see Truganini's in chains Adapatado por Fabio O Pagan

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