Remember the ad for Camp Quality they had a few years back? It had this ripper little song: Down strke = ^ Up stroke = v Slide up - down = / - \ ^ ^ v v ^ v ^ ^ v v ^ v e|--------------------------------------------------------- B|--2/3-3--3\2-2--2--2---2/3-3--3\2-2--2--2---------------- G|--2---2--2---2--2--2---2---2--2---2--2--2---------------- D|--2---2--2---2--2--2---2---2--2---2--2--2---------------- A|--0---0--0---0--0--0---0---0--0---0--0--0---------------- E|--------------------------------------------------------- 1.Hey you, there's somethin' I wanna 2.'Coze you know that sometimes you need a little 3.'Coz what you give, is what you get and ^ ^ v v ^ ^ ^ v v ^ v e|--0----------2--0-------------- || B|--0----------3--0-------------- || G|--1----------2--1--------------*|| D|--2----------0--2--------------*|| A|--2----------0--2-------------- || E|--0----------0--0-------------- || 1. say to you 2.Help, to pull you through 3.something more besides Then it changes chords as follows: {) So put a little }your life }mine {}precious and that's {E}time you need the {}time to take a {}loon {) Camp Qualit{A}y____________.

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