Tabbed by: Ben Gladdle ([email protected]) One of my favourite tracks off the album. Not too difficult really. I use power chords all the way through. Intro/Verse ----------- E------------------|------------------------|-------------------------|---- B------------------|------------------------|-------------------------|---- G------------------|------------------------|-------------------------|---- D---8-8-10-10-10---|---8-8-10-6-------------|--6-----------10---------|-8-- A---8-8-10-10-10---|---8-8-10-6-.........---|--6-........--10-.......-|-8-- E---6-6--8--8--8---|---6-6--8-4-------------|--4------------8---------|-6-- |----PM-----| |---------PM-----------| The above is split into 3 parts. Part 1 is the main intro/verse riff. Part 2 is done as a variation every 4th time through. Part 3 is played instead of Part 2 only when leading into the chorus. End this part with a single , and don't let it ring. Chorus ------ E--------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------| G-----------8--------6-----------------| D--6--------8-.....--6--.............--| A--6-.....--6--------4-----------------| E--4-----------------------------------| The above chords are played with the little lead part below. E-------------------------------------- B-------9-8-9-8-9-8-9-8-9-8-9-etc.----- G-------------------------------------- Outro Riff ---------- Played over chorus chords at 2:25 E----------------------------|--------------------------| B----------------------------|--------------------------| G---5------------5-----------|-8------------5-----------| D--------5---6--------5---6--|------5---6--------5---6--| A----------------------------|--------------------------| E----------------------------|--------------------------| Repeat 2nd bar as necessary. When the vocals start again, switch back to the chorus riff, but a lot quieter. Big Finish ---------- E--------------------------------------- B--------------------------------------- G--10-10-10--8--8--5--5--8--8---5---6--- D--10-10-10--8--8--5--5--8--8---5---6--- A---8--8--8--6--6--3--3--6--6---3---4--- E--------------------------------------- Lyrics ------ Intro: Verse: said too much i've run aground my conscience says, "i'm not around" but i'm still looking for it so what's it like does it make you pleased? now i'm diseased i'm never eased but i'm still looking for it i'm still looking for it Chorus: who needs enemies, when you've got friends like these caught between me and myself again Verse: so what's it like to rescue minds i hear it pays... you satisfied? well i'm still looking for it and many meet, between the sheets i hear it's clean, i hear it's free but i'm still looking for it Chorus: who needs enemies, when you've got friends like these caught between me and myself again Chorus w/ Outro Riff: Chorus: i don't need a reason a reason to believe you am i alone this time, i don't Big Finish:

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