Tabbed By: Jules Baxter email: [email protected] Notes: Standard tuning, Capo on third fret. Updated: 19/10/03 A real cool song by the Ace... listen for the arrangement and sounds and stuff. Pretty sure this is right... 2p0 means play the chord with the 2, then pull off and let the 0 ring. Does this more than once in some places, but listen to the song to figure it out. Enjoy! Intro/Chorus Rhythm (Pat and Dave) e--3--3---3---3--3---3--3--| b--3--3---3---3--3---3--3--| g--2--2p0-0---x--2p0-0--2p0| d--2--2---2---2--2---0--0--| a--3--3---3---2--2---x--x--| e-------------0--0---3--3--| Verse Rhythm (Pat) ( the note in the ()'s could be either 0, 1 or 3... can't tell, so use either) Play the 1 on the bottom e string with your thumb. e--3--3--3---3--3--3----3--3--3----3--3--3--3---| b--3--3--3---3--3-(3)---3--3--3----3--3--3-(3)--| g--0--2--0---0--2--0----0--2--0----0--2--0--0---| d--0--2--x---0--2--x----0--2--2----0--2--2--0---| a--x--0--3---s--0--3----2--0--3----2--0--3--3---| e--3---------3-----1----3----------3--------1---| Verse Lead Album (Dave) e------------------------| b--3--3--3--3s5s3--------| g--0--0--0--0------------| d--0--0--0--0------ect.--| a------------------------| e------------------------| Verse Lead Live (Dave) e---------3-------3-------3-------5-------3--------| b------0--------0-------0-------0-------0----------| g--4-5------4-5-----4-5-----4-5-----4-5------ect.--| d--------------------------------------------------| a--------------------------------------------------| e--------------------------------------------------| Lead during last Chorus (Dave) e---0-0--0---------------| b--s5---3--0-0--0--0--0--| g---------s4---4--2--0---| d------------------------| a------------------------| e------------------------|

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