NOTE: These chords are really for Gene Pitney's original; Cave does it in a lower key, but I haven't bothered to check out which. - Trond. INTRO: heart Keeping my part Something's gotten into my life Cutting it's knife down frown small I once lived in a al= l But then you came my way And a feeling of un heart, made me stay days yeah I gotta tell you now hand Dragging my land Yeah, something has invaded my night Painting my bright blue you I got to know if this is the real thing I got to know it's making my heart sing Wo-hoo- D o-ye-e-e-e-e e- You smile and I am lost for a lifetime Each right time Every hour, every day You touch me and my mind goes astray, yeah Baby, baby hand Dragging my land Something has invaded my F night Painting my bright blue =46 Scarlet for you :xx2423 :200210 * Play the as a barre chord on the 6th fret to make it sound right, i.e. 686766. - Trond. Comments from: Paul McMullan : The position of the chords is about right I think. In many cases they should be played on the start of the word that follows the chord. For example, is played on the s. My positioning of the chords isn't exactly the same as the sheet music - it doesn't always correspond to where the guitar chord has been placed. But it does agree with the chord or note in the piano notation.

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