A Bastard Like Me

Paul Kelly

Intro: Verse I was born in the bush near old Alice Springs, as far as you get from the sea. My mother was a fighter, my daddy was too. He never knew a bastard like me. My brothers and sisters are scattered like the wind, from the desert and the hills to the sea. Much too young, many died, but I have survived. So lucky, a bastard like me. Oooh, oooh. So lucky, a bastard like me. I have survived a hell of a life. Nobody knows a bastard like me. Verse Call me a stray, a dog every day. Call me a mongrel half-breed. Mongrels are strong, so you take me on. Watch out for a bastard like me. Oooh, oooh. You better watch out for a bastard like me. I fuoght all the way. I fight every day. You can't stop a bastard like me. Interlude Verse I've taken my licks, I've taken my kicks. I am a man of degree. I wear the scars, I earned them so hard. Every day in the lucky country. Oooh, oooh. every day in the lucky country. I've taken my licks. I've kicked against the pricks. Don't try and stop...a bastard like me. Outro (fade...)

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