Behind The Bowler's Arm

Paul Kelly

INTRO It's been a hard hard year, pushing shit up hill But shit happens all the time and I guess it always will Now the days are getting long, Summer's on it's way And I can't wait for Christmas time, beacuse the day after is Boxing Day CHORUS And You'll know where to find me, ten rows back at the M.C.G Right behind the bowler's arm So leave your worries at the farm don't fret about the rain Hold your credit at the store, bring the kids down on the train Meet me on the Richmond side just outside the gate I want to see the very first ball but no sweat if you're running late 'Cause you know where to find me, there's no place I'd rather be Right behind the bowler's arm And if we're lucky we might see, someone make a ton or slashing fifty Yeah if we're lucky there might be, a bowling spell of sheer wizardry But probably nothing much will happen at all (Even if David Boon makes a century nothing much happens) When the angels add my days and say my time is up I'll say to them now hold on please there's one thing you forgot I know each man must leave this world behind when he gets called But we had a deal that you won't count the days I watched the bat & ball And the angels, they'll know where to find me There's no place I'd rather be Right behind the bowlers They'll know where to find me, ten rows back with sunburnt knees Right behind the bowler's arm

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