intro ( Palm Muting ) Verse 1 Listen to me, Just Listen Now, I've got something to say to you One thing I know, I've got good eyes, I don't like what I see Bridge 1 Just like a V-8 Under the hood Of a car made of nails and wood Chorus Your big heart's gonna break your little body (**Repeat line once**) Verse 2 (same progression) You light the lamp, I follow you down, I stand right by your side Out in the dark, I'ts niggly i'ts cold, I don't much like this ride Bridge 2 (same progression) Sometimes the motor Never can stop Sometimes the wine overrunneth the cup Chorus 2 (same as before repeat line once) Instrumental break Played over verse chord progression Bridge 3 Everyone's asleep But your still awake You know you give more than I can take Chorus 4 Repeat till fade. NOTES: Suggested Chords for palm muted intro Just play a Barred on the 3rd and 2nd frets respectively. You can play all the intro chords as barred chords if you want suit yourself.

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