Transcribed by Bernie Haughian - [email protected] - I felt some of the changes came a few beats earlier than he has marked them, but I thought that with an earlier one by Richard so maybe thats just me! intro: She walks by the Indian Ocean As the sun sinks in the west From the beach a breeze is blowing Playing with her cotton dress Chorus:- All I want I confess I just want To see..her blush When we kiss she tastes so salty On her cheek and on her neck I can't wait 'till I get with her So I can kiss her salty breasts (Chorus) bridge --- --- All I want All I want In her room there's a little window With a view right down to the shore When night falls she lights a candle Ooh her skin's a coat of fire (Chorus) Ya Ya All I want All I want All I want (I just want to see her blush) All I want (All across her chest) All I want (Take off her cotton dress) All I want (I just want to see her blush

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