Firewood And Candles

Paul Kelly

Intro: Verse Firewood and candles On a winter Friday night Waiting for my sweetheart Wanna set the scene just right Wine in the bottles Paella cooking in the pan Elvis on the stereo I'm a man with a plan Verse Firewood and candles Giving off a lovely light When she knocks upon my door I hope she's got an appetite We're gonna shut out the world Forget about the TV news Firewood and candles Tonight they're gonna see us through We're gonna talk a little We're gonna kiss a little Then some more A whole lot more I'm gonna show her I love her Below and above her and a whole lot more Verse Firewood and candles Making shadows on the wall Is that the Gods coming to Earth? Or a mule kicking in a stall Making all these memories Forever gonna keep us more When firewood and candles disappear in the storm Yeah we talk a little We kiss a little And then some more A whole lot more Oh she knows I love Below and above her and a whole lot more Outro Firewood and candles Firewood and candles Firewood and candles (Firewood and candles) (Firewood and candles) (Firewood and candles)

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