Just Like Animals

Paul Kelly

Transcribed by Richard Clarke - [email protected] Submitted by Mike van Acker - [email protected] Notes:- Thanks Richard! I love this song! I think the chord in 'And her lovin' comes on so strong ' Should be a - any thoughts? {intro} It's a sunny Sunday but we don't want to get out of bed So we unplug the telephone we got better things to do instead There's no one home nobody with a name {chorus} We're just like animals just like animals rolling and tumbling on and on Just like animals we rise and fall and her loving comes on so stong {NO CHORD} just like animals It's a long, long Monday working my fingers down to the bone When I get a little minute I call her up on the telephone She says Hurry Home Please, hurry home {chorus} {Harmonica solo} X4 X2 Driving through the crosstown traffic no matter how I try, every single light turns to red So I turn up the radio watch her dancing inside my head {chorus} {outro} X4 Each strings (where ^ is a wee bit of bending):

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