Little Aches And Pains

Paul Kelly

Intro:Play 2x : Verse1: Thanks for your letter your kind words of comfort It's good to hear from you again I'm going ok, taking it day by day You know what they say can't complain It's just these little aches and pains , I got 'em always now Sunshine or rain. Verse2: Must be nice out there on the river Maybe I can visit, haven't had a trip in a while , There's nothing much keeping me here I see the gang maybe once or twice a year You and me can walk a rambling country mile Test out these little aches and pains , When all else goes They remain. Bridge: (quick slide up and back one fret with shape, done twice) Verse3: Disable we're born, disable we die , Is that a cliché, I'll make it one Hope it doesn't get too creaky I have found that what you don't know will hurt you What doesn't kill you makes you weaker , Leaves you little aches and pains , I got em always now Sunshine or rain , Oooh these little aches and pains , I don't count my losses now, E (end with slow rake strum) Just my gains.

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