Rally Round The Drum

Paul Kelly

Intro x 2 Verse 1 Like my brother before me Im a tent boxing man Like our daddy before us Travelling all around Gippsland Note ( use the same chord progresion for the rest of verse 1) I woke up one cold morning Many miles from Fitzroy And slowly It came dawning By Billy Leach I was employed Chorus 1 Rally round the drum boys Rally round the drum Every day every night boys Rally round the drum Harmonica Interlude twice From now on use the same patterns !!! Verse 2 Hoisting tent-pole and tarpaulin Billy says now beat the drum Rings out across the showground And all the country people come Then Billy starts a-calling Step right up Step right up one and all Is there anybody game here To take on kid snowball Chorus 2 Same as before Verse 3 Sometimes i fight a gee-man Yeah we put on a show Soemtimes I fight a hard man Who wants to lay me low Sometimes I get tired But I don't ever grouse I've gopt to keep on fighting Five dollars every house Chorus 3 (Same again) Harmonica Interlude A pattern Verse 4 (Only 4 lines this time) Like my daddy before me I stand up and knock em down Like my brother before me I'm weaving in your town Chorus 4 (lyrics slightly different) Yeah Rally round the drum boys Rally round the drum Got to keep on fighting Rally round the drum Harmonica Outro to A pattern

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