Transcribed by Kenneth A Tretler - [email protected] What a beautiful song! Hey, the chords sound right to me, but as with any of my translation/transcription things, there may be errors. Any corrections appreciated. Hope this is useful. Ken Tretler (a big PK freak) RR 1 Box 22 Wentworth Rd. Walpole, NH 03608 USA She comes and goes like summer rain I wait all day for summer rain And when she comes, I smile again She cools my brain like summer rain She'll change your plans like summer rain I raise my arms to summer rain I lift my head and taste again The sweet, sweet drops of summer rain instrumental section (same chords as verse) (3x) She's warm, she's fresh like summer rain She comes in a rush like summer rain And when she comes, she makes a change I wait all day for summer rain

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