Taught By Experts

Paul Kelly

Transcribed by David R Hale {[email protected]} & Henry Mayer Hear are the chords and words to "Taught by experts" by Australian legend Paul Kelly. This version is off of "Live: May 1992." Capo up two frets. chord with an open A string you stand there looking so surprised sad confusion in your eyes i know what you're going through but baby i've been there too and it hurts i was taught by experts you say i play a cheating game i never keep the rules the same i learned a thing or two what i learned i learned from you and it works i was taught by experts you put the weapon in my hand you made me what i am though everything is turned around down is up and up is down you got your fingers burned your little worm has turned in the dirt i was taught by experts don't it hurt i was taught by experts taught by experts i was taught by experts

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