When A Woman Loves A Man

Paul Kelly

chord, Paul plays it live like this: E|----1--/--3---| B|----3--/--5---| G|----2--/--4---| D|----0--/--0---| A|----x-----x---| E|----x-----x---| When a woman loves a man it’s stronger than the sun So unfolds the hidden plan that won’t stop once begun Her light comes shining Inside him little tender blooms expand When a woman loves a man Ever since the world began When a woman gives herself she goes out on a limb Her body cannot help but tell the story that’s within She pours her trust in him And all she asks is that he understands The gift he holds in his hands When a woman loves a man Water carving out a canyon Sure gets deeper over time A woman’s love seeks its companion As freshwater seeks the brine Oooh (Dm/Dm2\Dm) Oooh -Harmonica Solo- (x2) Her streams, hills and valleys Her sweet home – the whole damn country in the palm of his hand! Springtime all across the land When a woman loves a man Ever since the world began When a woman loves a man Get ready for the tender plan When a woman loves a man

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