Your Little Sister (Is A Big Girl Now)

Paul Kelly

Transcribed by Nathan Eltis - [email protected] Intro : are the single notes) Verse 1: She was always bugging us Every day on the way home Riding on the back of the bus Every time we tried to kiss She was there beside us Putting on a funny face Chorus 1: Your little sister, Your little sister She's a big girl now Verse 2: (same chords) It seemed to happen in a dream Like the corn at summers end She was standing fully grown Peaches hanging on the tree I shook some loose, she bit too quick All the juice came running down Chorus 2: Same as Before Instrumental/solo break Played over chorus chords then verse chords Verse 3: ( again the same chords) We were married in the spring Little sister carried fresh flowers And my best friend held the ring Later on that evening I saw them dancing in the corner She was kissing him slow and long Chorus 3 Same as before Just keep raving on the Verse to the end....

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