transcribed by Daniel Riley [email protected] and by Jonathan Hart [email protected] E-|--0---0---0---2-------|-------------|---------|- B-|--0---2---1---4---2---|--5---7------|---------|- G-|--1---2---0---4---3---|--6---8---9--|--6---2--|- D-|--2---2---2---4---4---|--7---9---9--|--6---2--|- A-|--2---0---3---2---4---|--7---9---7--|--4---4--|- E-|--0-------0-------2---|--5---7------|---------|- (verse & solo part2) (chorus) (solo part1) notes: * the chords in brackets mean you don't actually play them; it's either just the key it's in or what the bass is playing * second time around pick out the individual notes on the bracketed chords - you'll hear it * listen to the song for how to strum * the verse riff and chorus riff have only been written once, just follow the first ones, its all the same ( you've been working all your life all weekends and overtime while you're trying to unwind ) you can't relate to the leisured life another day meanders by keeping nature's tabled time all these things just pass you by and you can't relax in a scheduled life promises already gone there's no escape it's said and done so keep your love forever young you've been trying to decide multiply or just divide all these things are on your mind and you can't relax in a leisured life promises already gone there's no escape it's said and done so keep your love forever young (guitar solo) guitar #1 part1: part2: guitar #2 part1: E--------------------------------10----------10-10-10-10^---- B--2---4---5---7---9---10----9-----9------------------------- part2: solo - dont know... Back to chorus.... finish on the corrections appreciated, nobody's perfect. :)

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