Transcribed by Paul Stipack([email protected]) Since this song has been one of the HUGE powdefinger singles, I thought I had better fix up the tab a little. I know that Bernard uses some kind of tuning, so I'll tab it for both the standard tuned guitar and the guitar tuned down to C. The tuning I now use is CCCGCD VERSE CHORDS: D-|-----|-----|-----|-----|- C-|-----|-----|-----|-----|- G-|--3--|-----|--5--|--8--|- C-|--3--|--3--|--5--|--8--|- C-|--7--|--5--|--5--|--8--|- C-|--3--|--3--|--5--|--8--|- E-|-----|-----|-----|-----|- B-|-----|-----|-----|-----|- G-|--8--|--8--|-----|-----|- D-|--8--|--8--|--3--|--6--|- A-|--6--|--6--|--3--|--6--|- E-|-----|--6--|--1--|--4--|- RIFF PLAYED DURING 2ND & 3RD VERSE: E-|----------------------------|- B-|----------------------------|- G-|-8~~--/10~--10~--10\8---5/8-|- D-|----------------------------|- A-|-6~~--/8~~--8~~---8\6---3/6-|- E-|----------------------------|- CHORUS: D-|----------------|- C-|----------------|- G-|--0---3-5-5-5-5-|- C-|--0---3-5-5-5-5-|- C-|--0---3-5-5-5-5-|- C-|--0---3-5-5-5-5-|- E-|--------------------|- B-|--------------------|- G-|--5---8-10-10-10-10-|- D-|--5---8-10-10-10-10-|- A-|--3---6-8--8--8--8--|- E-|--------------------|- BRIDGE D-|-----------------------|- C-|-----------------------|- G-|--0-5br--2br--10--5--3-|- C-|--0-0----0----10--5--3-|- G-|--0-----------10--5--3-|- C-|--0-----------10--5--3-|- E-|-------------------------------------|- B-|-13b(14)r13--------------------------|- G-|------------2b(3)r2--------------8-8-|- D-|---------------------8-8---3-3---8-8-|- A-|---------------------8-8---3-3---6-6-|- E-|---------------------6-6---1-1-------|- That's all the progressions in the song, just play along with the song to get the structure and strumming correct. Pick You Up Powderfinger >From Double Allergic Hmm...just thought I'd tab how I play this kick arse track...send shit to [email protected] Thanks. Verse - 8 10 - 8 8 3 6 - 6 6 3 6 - 6 1 4 Chorus - 5 8 10 - 5 8 3 10 - 3 6 3 8 - 1 Bridge - 5 3 8 - 5 3 3 8 - 3 1 3 6 - 1 There we's simple and it kicks arse... [email protected]

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