Notes: There's lots of piano and slide guitar in this song, and I'm not too great at either... I've transcribed the main piano part for guitar, and added the chords to the lyrics. Hopefully this is good enough to get you playing along. Comments, additions & corrections welcome. PIANO PART: E-|-----------------------------|- B-|-10-10----------10-10--------|- G-|-------10h11----------10h11--|- D-|-------0--------------0------|- (this riff is played throughout the song A-|-----------------------------|- whenever the chord appears below) E-|-----------------------------|- CHORDS USED E-|-------0----2-----0---|- B-|-10----2----3-----0---|- G-|-11----2----4-----1---|- D-|-0-----2----4-----2---|- A-|-x-----0----2-----2---|- E-|-10---------------0---|- {}Thank you for your time I've got my bag of tricks and some fortifide wine Sister you made it all seem true When you eased my mind from the burden of proof? { drag me { screaming { short for me { home {}You don't have to find no zone? You stay right where you are, she'll do it all on the phone I do declare that I have no cares Rita came along and told me where I gotta go { drag me { screaming { short for me { home

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