Can't Keep A Good Band Down

Uriah Heep

I can't believe y'all are still sayin' We're a long way from rock'n'roll You won't look for the good in the tunes we're playin' You prefer to say we got no soul But day after day in town after town People say we're doin' alright We play and we stay boogyin' down Rockin' on into the night It's breath and words and time you're wastin' When you should be tryin' to have a good time For a good few years it's been yours we've tasted So here's a little piece of our mind We'll roll and we'll roll and we'll roll and we'll roll Till we run out of reason to try If it happens you don't approve It doesn't matter we won't ask why You can't keep a good band {Bm}down You'll never find the solution You won't stop us runnin' around You're dealin' with an institution We'll fill our cup with wine while you Fill your head with high ideals You }know so much but you still can't touch Tillyou find out how it feels It'll take much more than the high and mighty To bring down the king of the road We could {still be friends and quit this fightin' And let the real story be told You see you {A}can't keep a good band {Bm}down You'll {D}never find the solu{A}tion You {A}won't stop us runnin' {Bm}around You're {D}dealin' with an institu{A}tion You can't keep a good band down You'll never find the solution You won't stop us runnin' around With your paragraphs of pollution

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