Time To (live)

Uriah Heep

Intro: verse 1 Let me see the sunshine, let me feel the rain Let me go where I wanna go I wanna smell the flowers, see the dawn again Find those friends I used to know Find those friends I used to know verse 2 Well I spent twenty long years in a dirty old prison cell I never saw the light of day If you could understand, oh that kind of living hell That's the price I have to pay, oh yeah That's the price I have to pay Instrumental verse 3 They say I killed a man but I never told them why So you can guess what I've been through So for twenty long years I've been thinking of that other guy And what I saw him do to you What I saw him do to you, listen here verse 4 So if tomorrow comes and I walk outside that door Try to understand the strain But if you smile that smile I know I couldn't ask for more I know I'd do it all again, yes, I would I know I'd do it all again Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeaaaaaaah... do it all again...

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