Universal Wheels

Uriah Heep

Universal Wheels (M.Box/P.Lanzon) FOR THE BASS INTRO: Trevor has tuned his bass guitar down one note. On a retuned bass guitar, the intro will look like this: Bass intro: (keep repeating - watch the tuning!) F|---------------------------------------------------------------| C|---------------------------------------------------------------| G|-7-------5---------7-------------7-------5---------7-----------| D|---0-3-5---0-3-5-7---7-5-7-0-3-5---0-3-5---0-3-5-7---7-5-etc..-| If you must play this with normal tuned bass guitar, this is how I would have played it (one actave higher): G|-7-------5---------7-------------7-------5---------7-----------| D|---0-3-5---0-3-5-7---7-5-7-0-3-5---0-3-5---0-3-5-7---7-5-etc..-| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| Guitar intro: (played twice) E|---------5--7-------------------------| B|---------6--8-------------------------| G|---------5--7-------------------------| D|-7-6-7---------7-6-7------------------| A|-5-4-5---------5-4-5---5-2-3-2-3-2----| E|-----------------------------------3--| verse: All the fields are smoke and flame Fire in the sky It's a state of emergency Much more than meets the eye Just hide away your tears There are many more hidden fears As the universal wheels go round'n'round Guitar intro verse: Rivers of pollution Taking life from living things Running out of oxygen There's no way to win We ignore the signs of nature Got to learn to live beside her As the universal wheels go round'n'round middle 8: Better take good care of all the things You say and do Look out for the warning sign Now it's up to you Play the chord 'F' over 16 bars! Play the chord 'F' over 8 more bars! Guitar: E|---------------------| B|---------------------| G|--9---7---5---4---2--| D|-9-9-7-7-5-5-3-3-2-2-| A|---------------------| E|---------------------| organ solo - (play guitar intro behind it) verse: There's a might eight point six Waiting in the ground When she opens up This world will humble to the sound There is only one one real power Creating life by the hour See the universal wheels, see the universal wheels See the universal wheels go round'n'round

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