Why Did You Go

Uriah Heep

I woke up today with my head in daze 'cause my love had gone With nothing to do just to dream about you And how we went wrong But oh why did you go? aug I loved you so didn't you know? I walk into town with my head hanging down Tryin' to hide my pain The people I meet. as I float down the street Tell me try again But oh why did you go I loved you so Ddidn't you know When I remember how good it was It makes me cry 'Cause my life's been Turned upside down All I want is someone but How do you say please will you stay Please will you stay? I'll settle down to the life of a clown To remain alive I'll work till I bleed, and if I can succeed Maybe I'll survive But oh why did you go I loved you so Didn't you know

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