Won't you run underneath the door. Take my home, treat it as your own. My mother told me don't you run away, Because it takes a man to keep them hungry, But I'm so damn cold, And if this blood don't turn to gold I think I'm doomed. Ooh..... Ooh..... Yeah, Yeah..... Yeah..... Bridge (with Lead part 1) Lead part 1 e:---------------------------------------| B:-------------------------------5-------| G:---5p4---4-----------5p4---4-----------| D:-7-----7---7-5-7---7-----7---7---------| A:---------------------------------------| E:---------------------------------------| Verse 2 * in the chords) e:---------------------| B:---5---5---5-----5---| G:---5---5---5-----5---| D:---7---7---7---5h7---| A:---------------------| E:-5---5---5---5-------| * in the chords) e:--------------------| B:---1---1---1---1----| G:---2---2---2---2----| D:---3---3---3---3----| A:--------------------| E:-1---1---1---1------| The time has come my friend to run, I bid you please to take the roses an the loaded gun I left you 'Cause I'm hopin' now you find somehow That I'm so damn cold, And if this blood don't turn to gold I think I'm doomed. Ooh, Yeah. Yeah.... Repeat the Bridge Outro ('x' = just deaden the strings, don't play them again) e:-------------------------------------| B:-5---5-x--5---5-x--5---5-x--5---5-x--| G:-5---5-x--5---5-x--5---5-x--5---5-x--| D:-7---7-x--7---7-x--7---7-x--7---7-x--| A:-------------------------------------| E:---5---x----5---x----5---x----5---x--| e:-------------------------------------| B:-6---6-x--6---6-x--6---6-x--6---6-x--| G:-7---7-x--7---7-x--7---7-x--7---7-x--| D:-7---7-x--7---7-x--7---7-x--7---7-x--| A:---5--------5--------5--------5------| E:-------------------------------------| end on

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