Three Headed Woman

Boy And Bear

And I had one of those dreams You were a three headed woman You were sleeping with my best friend I woke up in a sweat See I've been ripping off my skin To see what's on the inside To see what's going on Oh but I hate you sometimes for making me feel The way I feel, for the love that keeps me sane Is killing me all the same It's killing me it's killing me, I'm done (mute) And it's just one of those days I can't stop thinking about you I'm as heavy as my hangover is heat And I woke up in a sweat I've been wanting to explain That I'm aware of consequence And I'm aware of pain now too Oh I hate you sometimes For making me feel the way I feel For the love that keeps me sane Is killing me all the same And I don't see the point now In dragging ourselves Through all that shame No I ain't no fucking traitor I'm hurting all the same I'm sorry for whatever I have done Now I walk, I walk alone And your face follows where I go And I won't walk that way you know A hurt that only makes you grow It tears a hole right through you And I'll forever know

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